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A woman well versed in education, inspiration, and intuitive knowing. Nancy
Inspired brings a beautiful lighthearted warmth to any situation and fills it with
empowering stories, experiential wisdom, and perceptive connection. Her
thoughtful words have the power to raise the vibration of any audience she
encounters and give them the inspiration to cultivate simple joys or pursue their
greatest achievements.


A Children's Story by Nancy Inspired

Get to know Nancy...

Nancy has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a background in psychology and counseling. She has been an educator for over 3 decades including consulting and administration. Along with teaching and leadership, she is also a published author, public speaker, and performer. In all these roles, her gift of empowerment shines forth, as she has been a true inspiration for countless numbers of people. Make sure to stay tuned to enjoy a vast list of all her accomplishments coming soon and to receive updates on the many opportunities to enjoy her wonderful work. 


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